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Japanese Stone Water Basins

JAPANESE STONE WATER BASINS: A Great Focal Point for Your Garden The Stone Water Basin is an element found in many small gardens in Japan, including traditional tea gardens, residential entrance gardens, courtyard gardens, etc. It is a very versatile feature and can work as a focal point in a very small garden space, or […]

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Japanese Tea Garden Plants: Aucuba

CONSIDER AUCUBA WHEN BUILDING YOUR JAPANESE-STYLE TEA GARDEN It is not possible or necessary to use all of the plants found in the gardens of Japan. Using Japanese plants does not make your garden a “Japanese Garden.” Rather, it is best to find locally available plants, match them to the site, and strategically place them […]

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Bamboo Fences in Japanese Gardens

JAPANESE GARDEN FENCES: YOTSUME-GAKI BAMBOO FENCE Whether used as the garden enclosure, a very important role and one of many choices, or a partition within the garden, bamboo fences offer a decorative enhancement to the garden. In Japan where bamboo and skilled craftsman are readily available, bamboo fences may make more sense. Bamboo also matches […]

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