The beauty of Japanese gardens has become increasingly known and desired outside of Japan. The good news is that the principles of Japanese gardens are universal in that they can be adapted to create successful residential gardens outside of Japan.

But unfortunately there are a number of challenges including differing architecture, property layout and size, climate, available materials, and differing ways of thinking.  These are issues that Asher Browne, as a Japanese Garden specialist, deals with everyday.  On this site, Japanese Gardens in New York and New Jersey, Asher Browne shares some thoughts on how to overcome these challenges and create a beautiful Japanese garden for your home.

Every situation has its own set of circumstances, limitations and potential, and any discussion here must be taken as simply general thoughts to consider. The best way to proceed with a Japanese garden project is to first get an assessment from a specialist in your area.

If you’re in the New Jersey or New York area and would like to discuss Japanese garden design, construction or pruning and maintenance with Asher Browne, please feel free to contact him.

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