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How to do a Japanese Gardening Internship in Japan

THE IMPORTANCE OF JAPANESE LANGUAGE SKILLS The beauty of Japanese gardens has inspired many people to study the tradition of Japanese Gardening. Reading up on the subject and visiting the gardens of Japan are typical ways that indivivuals get started with their study. But the necessesity of doing hands-on training should become obvious, and when […]

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Japanese Garden Internship in Japan

THE BEST WAY TO LEARN THE PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES OF JAPANESE GARDENING IS TO DO AN INTERNSHIP IN JAPAN When done right, Japanese gardens are like works of living art. Creating such high quality landscapes takes a lot of study and dedication. To some extent reading the right material, and studying the gardens of Japan […]

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Training in Japan FAQs

(The following is taken from an article written by Asher Browne in the March 2007 issue of Sukiya Living, The Journal of Japanese Gardening) Over the past several years, I have been approached by quite a few individuals who are interested in training in Japan as a gardener or other type of artisan. The steady […]

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Japanese Garden Training in Japan

Spending quality time training in Japan is one of the most important steps in the process of learning the basic set of Japanese gardening skills. During Asher Browne’s eight years living in Japan, the first four years were spent studying gardens through visitations, and the last four years immersed as a full-time employee at Japanese […]

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